prom-night-memories-philippinesProm in the Philippines varies in school to school due to its activities presented on it. They called it here Junior (3rd year students) and Senior (4th year students) Prom celebrating at the end of an academic high school year. There is a turnover of responsibilities ceremony between Senior and Junior students followed by a formal dance. At the end, all are free to dance on the floor and can invite whoever they want to go dance with. There is a sweet music preferably for boy and girl dance and a disco music good for everybody or any groups. I think it’s not really compulsory to attend prom but because it’s one of the exciting events in high school life that everybody’s waiting for, of course I chose to attend in both Junior and Senior Prom.

It’s been a decade ago since I experienced those sweet memories of my high school life. I was so excited when I was preparing for that special event. Though I’ve had Junior Prom a year ago on that time, the excitement hasn’t gone. That thought of dancing with random guys gives me the feeling of being a woman. Thinking of someone wants to dance with me because they think I look attractive boosting my self-confidence.

Well, here we go, getting ready for my last prom. Went to a salon and let the gay make-up artist to fix my face and hair. He made my face look more glamorous and styled my hair up giving me a sophisticated look. All turned out well and I could say he did it professionally. I put my simple dress on which I just rented matches to my hair and make-up which made me feels satisfied and confident that night.

The prom has started. I wanted to pass forward the time so we could go into dance portion right away. Of course they put it up on the end so the whole event would still be exciting. The event went smoothly from the beginning through the middle. And finally! The closing part arrived which is the dance portion that we are all waiting for! We could then dance freely. I have danced with few guys. Some were my classmates, same batch mates and the rest from Juniors. My first and last dance was the same guy. That guy was obviously attracted to me. He asked me to dance with him several times. And at the end I’ve seen to his face the mixed emotion – sad because it has finished but with smiley face saying goodbyes to each other.

Overall, I could say I have enjoyed it so much giving the opportunity to socialize with other students gave me a feeling of satisfaction before we leave that school. It was one of my memories that I would like to keep until the end.