Unfortunately, it probably is. Kids these days are more sexually active than ever before and so, quite likely, to pick up a dose of gonorrhoea or chlamydia. So, a clutch and a flower might not be the only things you take home with you after the prom. Sexual diseases are not signs of moral decay or turpitude; they are biological responses to shared sexual activity. Wearing a condom and/or dam can greatly reduce the chances o



f picking up a sexual disease. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are not the end of the world, they are the beginning.

Let’s face it, kids do not have a great deal of choice in all this. Their bodies and their hormones are genetically configured at this time of their life to propel them into sexual action. It is all about pro- creation; morality will always come a poor second to biological imperatives. It is not about getting things right, doing the right thing, being perfect or any such nonsense. Love and life are like runaway trains on a collision course with others of the same vintage. An STI here or there is not going to bring down the government. In the words of that famous song, “relax don’t do it, let yourself come.”

Prom Night Is Not the Night to Get a Sexual Disease

Teenage emotions reach a pinnacle around prom night and yet it’s all so innocent. However, for a few teenagers, the addiction of romantic love and sexual urges consume their minds. It’s a very vulnerable time. We all need to look after our children with sensitivity, and teenage children are more highly strung than at any other time in their lives. Gynaecologists can lend a helping hand after-the-fact; and they themselves, in my experience, operate with a great deal of sensitivity. As parents, we sometimes wish that our children did not need to go through the things that we ourselves went through, but this is wrong.

We must all experience life for ourselves, there are no shortcuts when it comes to love and life. No matter what those advertisements always say, we cannot circumnavigate the hard realities of love, sex and marriage. Diamond rings, mortgage loans and lover’s locks are all material things, supposedly important to love and relationships, but in reality they are empty pieces of stuff. People are what matter and their interactions are special; young love on prom night included.