Q:How do I contact Pretty Prom Gown?
A:Email: info.prettypromgown.com
Tel. 001-408-636-8266 (24/7/365).
*Store owners/resellers please contact us for details. *We are looking for sales reps worldwide, please contact us for details.
Q:What if I can’t find a particular prom gown/dress design I’m looking for?
A:If you like to have a wedding gown/dress design that we do not show here, please send us a picture of it and description of it.
Q:How long does it take to process orders
A:Once you place your order, we estimate that your order should ship in about three(3) weeks. if you want to reveived the dress within 2 weeks, please pay extra $45 at
Q:Do you ship international?
A:Yes we do ship worldwide, including United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Portugal, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Hong Kong, Spain, Japan, Singapore, and other countries and areas.
Q:What is your Return Policy?
A:With Pretty Prom Gown your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  •See the return poicy here:http://www.prettypromgown.com/
Q:How do I choose size for my dress?
A:On the dress style big picture order page, there is a size chart. You may choose the size number from the chart that fits. If you do not like to use the chart, or, no size from these size charts fit you, you may simply choose “my own size” and enter your own measurements (bust/waist/hip) in the “Additional Comment” area, without using the size chart. We offer plus/small sizes the same prices.
Q:What other colors you have for the dress style I like?
A:We offer almost any popular colors, for every style, including Gold, Lavender, Ivory, Navy, L Blue, Sage, White, Red Floral, Green Floral, Sky Blue, Carmine, etc. If you have a specific color you like, please email us or enter it in the comment area on order form and we will confirm with you.
Q:Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?
A:Pretty Prom Gown do not incur sales tax.(But customer is responsible to pay for any taxes or custom duties payable in his/her own country when your dress arrives there.)
Q:Is my credit card safe?
A:When your place an order from our online store, your credit card information is protected by our secure server. Our secure server software, together with your browser, strongly encrypts all of your personal information — including credit card number, name, expiration date, and zip code — so that it cannot be read by anyone else over the Internet.
The encryption process converts the characters you enter into coded data that is then securely transmitted over the Internet. The order information you sent will be received and decrypted by authorized persons only.
Q:Can I pay by phone?
A:Pretty Prom Gown wants you to feel completely comfortable that when you place an order:
  •  Online: You enter all of your information through Pretty Prom Gown’s online store. You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  •  By Telephone:You enter all of the information except your credit card information online. We will keep your order on hold until you call or we call you. To complete your purchase, call us with your name and credit card information. Your call will just take a minute. You can verify your order on the phone if you like.