Not many people, really, want to hurt animals or be involved with things that hurt animals. It is ignorance, rather than indifference, which places so many innocent animals in daily peril across the globe. This is why it is so important for the message to get out; and for consumers to know which products contribute to animal cruelty. Once someone becomes aware that their regular consumption of this product is part of the chain of hurt, then, often, they choose to purchase something else. The internet has been a great boon for spreading the truth about companies that test their products on animals.

Cruelty Free Makeup Choices for Eco Conscious Young Adults

PETA are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and they boast some 6.5 million members and supporters globally. They have some muscle in the marketplace, when it comes to identifying transgressors and ‘the good guys’. More and more young people are factoring in the ecology of the planet, when it comes to making consumer decisions. They are supporting brands and manufacturers who do the right thing, when it comes to animals and the environment. An Australian makeup brand, which is cruelty free and environmentally friendly will win friends and consumers.

Innocent Animals Suffering

Makeup and cosmetics, generally, are a funny thing, in that it is an industry built on vanity. People, mainly women, applying topical substances to their faces and bodies to look a certain way. The irony of an innocent animal suffering or dying, so that some person can, hopefully, look and feel better about themselves is acute. You do not see many animals wearing makeup. They are not lounging about in the pursuit of some ideal identity seen on TV. Putting aside the nature and morality of wearing makeup per se, it is clear, that no animal should suffer in the production of these human foible fripperies.

Little girls grow up watching mummy apply her makeup in front of the mirror!

The thing about women wearing makeup, it is, often, handed down from mother to daughter. Behaviours like these are cultural and familial. Little girls grow up watching mummy apply her makeup in front of the mirror. Cosmetics and makeup are, usually, inessentials, which have been promoted as more integral to the concept of beauty and personal attractiveness, than they really are. Applying make-up becomes a ritualised process in the lives of these women. The application of different faces for different roles. Sexual attractiveness. Demure maiden. Mother. Co-worker. Etc.