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How to Hold Yourself Gracefully on Prom Night

Hold yourself Gracefully On Prom NightYour prom night is probably one of the most important and unforgettable events in your high school life. For the ladies, this would mean getting the perfect stilettos, clutch bag, dress and prom date. As intricate and taxing as it may sound, your prom night deserves an all-out effort for you to have an awesome time. However, one should not forget that how you hold yourself gracefully on prom night is also an important aspect of this event. Getting poised for the perfect prom involves maintaining a good posture. You can consult a chiropractor about posture to pull off that flawless look. Get the chiropractic difference by visiting the nearest chiropractor.

How To Hold Yourself Gracefully On Prom Night

After spending months and months picking the right dress and accessories for that magical night, it only seems right that you hold gracefully on prom night so that all of your hard work won’t go to waste. Here are some tips on how to exude confidence and grace on your prom night.

  • Ready your skin ahead of time.

According to the adage, we should be confident in our skin. We suggest that the girls practice a proper skin care regimen weeks before your prom night. In doing so, pimple breakout on your face and on the back will be set right. If you are inclined to try a new skin care product, do it in advance to see whether it suits your skin type or not. We do not want negative reactions to show just a day before your prom.

  • Always smile.

Now, some online forums might suggest that you practice your smile. There’s nothing wrong about it. That said, you’ll look more comfortable and graceful if you will let your smile show naturally. To achieve that picture-perfect smile, you can use whitening strips for your teeth. Using lipsticks with red and pink hues will make your teeth appear whiter.

  • If you don’t have a date, don’t fret about it.

Girls who don’t have prom dates are basically the ones who don’t feel confident about themselves, at all. It is time to break out from self-pity, sister! Don’t get upset about going to the prom by yourself. You don’t need a date to hold yourself gracefully on prom night. Be with your friends, have fun, and show to the world that you can still look poised in the absence of man candy.

My Prom Queen Became a Phone Sex Girl

I have a confession to make, my Prom Queen became a phone sex girl. How do I know this? Well, one day I dialled a wrong number and to my utter astonishment, I heard the dulcet tones of the girl I had loved all my teenage life. Tiffany-Jane was a special girl; and I considered myself to be doubly lucky to have gone out with her through high school. I always remember our prom night, the great band, the stolen drinks, and the way my girl looked on the night. She was a stunner, that’s for sure!

They say that guys never remember what their girlfriends wore on special occasions, like prom nights and anniversaries, but I remember Tiffany-Janes’ burnished red taffeta dress. And she wore long scarlet gloves, black stockings and a nose ring with her initials in sparkling diamante flakes. That girl rocked the Casbah, everyone was impressed and came up and told us just how good she looked. I was drooling into my vodka and Pepsi. I was so excited I felt like I had grown an extra leg. The dancing was totally wicked; and the warm perfume of her body close to mine was like a narcotic.

My Prom Queen Became a Phone Sex Girl

Tiffany-Jane and I had not had sex at that time, well, we had not gone all the way, anyway. We had French kissed until our lips were bruised and swollen. We had done dry runs, thrusting pelvis’s into layers of thin fabric until we knew the contours of each other’s body like a pilot knows his home runway. But we had not done the business; sometimes I was so sore after a session with Tiffany-Jane that I struggled to walk home afterwards. Blue was not my favourite colour at that time. I had set myself to do the deed on prom night, no matter what eventuated. It turned out unlike anything I had planned.

On the way to our spot in Mountview Hill, after the prom, my car hit another car; and Tiffany-Jane was permanently paralysed from the waist down. I tried to stay in touch, but with all the rehabilitation and how her parents felt about me we lost contact. I moved away for a few years and started a new life in another town. I married another woman and settled down for a number of years. My marriage failed and I returned to the town where I was from. You can imagine my surprise one night when I was feeling lonely and called this number, to hear the voice of my Tiffany telling me how pleased she was to hear from me. I am not sure whether she knew who I actually was. Prom Queen memories eh?



Prom Night Is Not the Night to Get a Sexual Disease

Unfortunately, it probably is. Kids these days are more sexually active than ever before and so, quite likely, to pick up a dose of gonorrhoea or chlamydia. So, a clutch and a flower might not be the only things you take home with you after the prom. Sexual diseases are not signs of moral decay or turpitude; they are biological responses to shared sexual activity. Wearing a condom and/or dam can greatly reduce the chances o



f picking up a sexual disease. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are not the end of the world, they are the beginning.

Let’s face it, kids do not have a great deal of choice in all this. Their bodies and their hormones are genetically configured at this time of their life to propel them into sexual action. It is all about pro- creation; morality will always come a poor second to biological imperatives. It is not about getting things right, doing the right thing, being perfect or any such nonsense. Love and life are like runaway trains on a collision course with others of the same vintage. An STI here or there is not going to bring down the government. In the words of that famous song, “relax don’t do it, let yourself come.”

Prom Night Is Not the Night to Get a Sexual Disease

Teenage emotions reach a pinnacle around prom night and yet it’s all so innocent. However, for a few teenagers, the addiction of romantic love and sexual urges consume their minds. It’s a very vulnerable time. We all need to look after our children with sensitivity, and teenage children are more highly strung than at any other time in their lives. Gynaecologists can lend a helping hand after-the-fact; and they themselves, in my experience, operate with a great deal of sensitivity. As parents, we sometimes wish that our children did not need to go through the things that we ourselves went through, but this is wrong.

We must all experience life for ourselves, there are no shortcuts when it comes to love and life. No matter what those advertisements always say, we cannot circumnavigate the hard realities of love, sex and marriage. Diamond rings, mortgage loans and lover’s locks are all material things, supposedly important to love and relationships, but in reality they are empty pieces of stuff. People are what matter and their interactions are special; young love on prom night included.



Why The Guy You Go To Prom Night With Never Ends Up Being Your Husband

13115837_10154810950027564_1215002273_nGrowing up in a small town we never forget the people we go to prom with, or our first one and only prom night date. That’s because we are certain to see them around our town probably for the rest of our life.

I was never in love with Peter but I will admit to having a crush on him. He has a black short hair, cute pointy nose which perfectly matched to his innocence face, has a medium-built body and a bit of muscles he achieved from being active in a few sports at our school. His attractive smile and his lips allured me the first time I saw him. We became very close so it wasn’t a surprised that he was my date on our Senior Prom on high school.

We dated for three months but I’ve heard from a friend that he was also dating someone else from another school he used to go to practice soccer. He was one of the soccer player who represents our school that time to compete provincially and that makes him kind of famous. When I confronted him about having somebody else he denied it, almost cried and told me not to believe right away by someone without seeing yet any evidence.

He admitted to me that he suffered from ADHD and so found it difficult to concentrate on one thing. I took that to mean that he felt he could not concentrate on one woman at a time.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood. ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children. Children with ADHD may be hyperactive and unable control their impulses. Or they may have trouble paying attention.

In 2014, I saw him again but he was avoiding me probably he feels sorry or embarrass about what happened in the past. He was with a friend that time and he looked very happy. I’ve heard he got married and has one kid. That he has gone to psychologist and got cured so he would be able to concentrate on one woman. After few sessions of treatment, he was able to act normal again and decided to settle down. How I wish he still single but it’s too late now.


Prom Night in the Philippines: Memories from My Coming of Age

prom-night-memories-philippinesProm in the Philippines varies in school to school due to its activities presented on it. They called it here Junior (3rd year students) and Senior (4th year students) Prom celebrating at the end of an academic high school year. There is a turnover of responsibilities ceremony between Senior and Junior students followed by a formal dance. At the end, all are free to dance on the floor and can invite whoever they want to go dance with. There is a sweet music preferably for boy and girl dance and a disco music good for everybody or any groups. I think it’s not really compulsory to attend prom but because it’s one of the exciting events in high school life that everybody’s waiting for, of course I chose to attend in both Junior and Senior Prom.

It’s been a decade ago since I experienced those sweet memories of my high school life. I was so excited when I was preparing for that special event. Though I’ve had Junior Prom a year ago on that time, the excitement hasn’t gone. That thought of dancing with random guys gives me the feeling of being a woman. Thinking of someone wants to dance with me because they think I look attractive boosting my self-confidence.

Well, here we go, getting ready for my last prom. Went to a salon and let the gay make-up artist to fix my face and hair. He made my face look more glamorous and styled my hair up giving me a sophisticated look. All turned out well and I could say he did it professionally. I put my simple dress on which I just rented matches to my hair and make-up which made me feels satisfied and confident that night.

The prom has started. I wanted to pass forward the time so we could go into dance portion right away. Of course they put it up on the end so the whole event would still be exciting. The event went smoothly from the beginning through the middle. And finally! The closing part arrived which is the dance portion that we are all waiting for! We could then dance freely. I have danced with few guys. Some were my classmates, same batch mates and the rest from Juniors. My first and last dance was the same guy. That guy was obviously attracted to me. He asked me to dance with him several times. And at the end I’ve seen to his face the mixed emotion – sad because it has finished but with smiley face saying goodbyes to each other.

Overall, I could say I have enjoyed it so much giving the opportunity to socialize with other students gave me a feeling of satisfaction before we leave that school. It was one of my memories that I would like to keep until the end.