Almost everyone loves to attend prom. Who doesn’t like to wear fabulous dress with super high-heels and a well-done make-up that make you looks like a Hollywood star? Of course you want to experience treating yourself like a beauty queen. There are a lot of prom movies we can really relate to. Teenagers can pick up some great ideas and lessons from these movies or can be watched for simple entertainment.

Here are the best ever prom night movies I’m sure you’ll enjoy:


1. She’s All That

The highlights scene of this prom event is that part where everybody’s dancing together incredibly.


2. 10 Things I Hate About You

The prom scene on this movie has a lot to show while live show band playing on the background. There’s a lot of punching between characters but ended up into romantic scene.


3. Never Been Kissed

They were wrong when they said she doesn’t deserve to be a prom queen. She defended someone who tried to be bullied by bad guys at the event.


4. Pretty in Pink

A romantic comedy-drama movie where Andy(main character) must choose between her childhood sweetheart and a rich guy at the prom night.


5. Carrie

The girl who always bullied at school unleashed her special power when someone ruined her moment on prom night.


6. Mean Girls

A girl named Cady was being maltreated by the mean girls at her school but in the end she got crowned as the prom queen.


7. Drive Me Crazy

The story is about the team-up of Nicole and Chase to make their exes jealous until prom night.

8. Twilight

Bella wants to get Edward to turn her in to a vampire on their prom night.


9. Jawbreaker

The prom night turned into murdering scene.


10. Napolean Dynamite

Napolean gets ditched by his date on prom night and ends up hanging out with Pedro and Deb.